•Our company, specialized in the production of baby diapers, owns a know-how and competences that allow it to propose appropriate products to market requirements and meet customer expectations.


• Founded on August 08, 2011, our company took over the activity of Riboth-Novacare, previously named Novacare.
The staff of BB DISTRIBE is highly qualified and has many years of experience.



• BB DISTRIBE in few figures…

• 36 employees
• 1 production line and 1 new production line in acquisition
• Global production capacity in the site : 800million of baby diapers
• 50 % of sales are intend for the french market and 50 % for export (Europe and Eastern, Asia, Africa)
• 40 % of sales are made under private labels and 60 % under own brands, FIXIES, BIO BABBY and  BIBOU

BB DISTRIBE has a factory shop where customers can buy our products at an unbeatable price.


We offer for direct sale our products :

our FIXIES diapers of a very good value for money

fashion and trendy diapers : FIXIES Mode and Jeans

our BIO BABBY ecological baby diapers

but also many childcare articles : baby bottles, teats… without endocrine disruptors, as bisphénol A


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